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Massage Therapies

Massage In St Kilda


Working towards a healthy mind and body


Are you really doing all you can to optimise both your mental and physical health?


It has long been believed that regular massage is just as important as physical exercise, meditation and eating well. Incorporating massage into your health and wellness routine is a great decision if you’re truly serious about feeling better and creating a more positive life. And, importantly it is frequently recommended by health and wellness professionals.


Massage triggers the release of endorphins in the brain (the feel-good hormone, that is released during exercise). It detoxifies impurities in the body and helps maintain healthy joints for an overall improved performance in sport-related activities. Massage also assists in current pain management and recurring pain from previous injuries.


Massage is known to aid with sleep deprivation, relaxing the mind, and improving blood circulation. No longer considered an indulgence but more of a necessity in today’s high pressured lifestyle, not only will massage therapy make you feel more relaxed and give you that all important ‘me-time’ it can also aid with muscle tension, chronic pain and sports injuries, while at the same time giving a boost to your immune system. And the best news is – it feels absolutely fantastic!


Therapeutic Massage

Take some time for yourself to escape the everyday hassles and recharge with our relaxing deep tissue massage designed to alleviate muscle tension and stress.




  • 90 minutes            $110.00
  • 60 minutes            $80.00
  • 45 minutes            $60.00
  • 30 minutes            $45.00




Sports massage

We tailor to your specific needs, using cupping and trigger point therapy to release chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.


  • 90 minutes            $120.00
  • 60 minutes            $90.00
  • 45 minutes            $70.00
  • 30 minutes            $55.00




Hot Stone Massage


Hot volcanic stones are used to warm and relax the muscles making it easier to work on the deep tissues of the body. You can feel the tension release and slowly melt away as your journey begins with our hot stones carefully placed on areas of your body.


The stones are smooth so that they glide seamlessly over the skin while releasing their healing energies into your body. Next, our warm organic almond oil is drizzled over the body as we begin our much loved and appreciated Hot stone massage.


Relax and unwind while our warm volcanic stones are massaged into those over-worked areas that have been crying-out for extra tender loving care.



  • 75 minutes            $120.00
  • 90 minutes            $140.00




Shirodhara Head Massage


A holistic therapy originating in India. A steady stream of warm organic Ayurvedic oils are gently poured on the 3rd eye center of the forehead and massaged into scalp.  This calming process saturates the head with warm oil, soothing tight scalp, neck and facial muscles. Traditionally used to help with anxiety, stress and insomnia. Ayurvedic head massage it is a great way to generally relax and relieve tension.


The Shirodhara head massage is excelent for boosting growth for long luscious hair and nourishing the scalp. The oils strengthen the hair and in combination with massage, boosts hair growth. These oils are also an effective treatment used to treat dandruff and soothe a dry scalp.


In addition to all of these blissful Shirodhara treatment benefits, the Shirodhara scalp massage opens energy channels and releases blockages to encourage a state of well-being. By clearing the energy pathways, the Shirodhara treatment assists the natural healing process of the body at the cellular level.


This beautiful treatment takes you on a journey allowing your mind to quiet and your body to completely surrender.




  • 60 minutes $95