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Reiki Healing In St Kilda


Reiki is a hands-on healing practice deepening the connection to yourself and others. It opens the door for personal healing and energy renewal. Life can be very hectic, and we leave little time for ourselves.


Reiki brings our internal energy fields, physical energetic self and external energy fields into balance – back to its natural state of being.
The balance and harmony with Reiki brings greater feelings of inner peace, harmony and confidence within everyday.


The word Reiki means ‘spiritual life force energy’ in Japanese. It is the universal energy that exists in every living creature, keeping us vital, humming and growing.


Rei meaning ‘Spiritual or Sacred’ and ki ‘life force energy’. When a person is feeling stressed, anxious or fatigued they are often running low on ‘life force energy’ – so the goal of Reiki is to remove negative energies and restore positive energy back into a person so they can function at their brightest and healthiest again.


Benefits in the physical body


  • Reiki supports and accelerates your body’s own self healing ability, usually alleviating pain and relieving other symptoms while helping the body to rid itself of poisons and toxins.  Every cell, organ and system is treated in a Reiki session.  A body weak by illness and fatigue will be supplied the healing energies it needs to return to a healthy state.


  • Reiki can reduce the side effects of drugs and help the body to recover from this over-stimulation.  A treatment is particularly useful after chemotherapy sessions for cancer.


  • Reiki balances and harmonises the whole energy field and will help you develop greater awareness of your body’s needs, such as good nutrition and regular exercise.


  • Reiki is a gentle way to assist the terminally ill, and for persons in transition from this life to the next.  It helps make the journey less traumatic.


Reiki on the Emotional Level – What you are feeling and experiencing


Reiki inspires you to examine your emotional responses, encouraging you to let go of negative emotions such as anger or resentment, and promoting the qualities of loving, caring, sharing and goodwill.  It can also help you to channel your emotional energy into creativity.


Reiki on the Mental Level – Your thoughts and attitudes


Reiki leads to a state of deep relaxation, with the consequent release of stress and tension.  It allows you to let go of negative thoughts, concepts and attitudes, replacing them with positive thoughts, peace and serenity.  It can also enhance your intuitive abilities and encourages you to pursue your personal potential through greater insight and personal awareness.


Reiki on the Spiritual Level – Your capacity to Love yourself and others unconditionally


Reiki helps you to accept and love your whole self, and fosters a non-judgmental approach to humankind, allowing you to accept every person as a beautiful and pure soul energy as well as a human being.  It promotes the qualities of love, compassion, understanding and acceptance, and encourages you on your individual path toward personal growth and spiritual development.


For generations, many have used Reiki to successfully to heal themselves and others. However, it is so much more than that. It can provide a beautiful pathway to enlightenment receiving Reiki, enables a person to connect to their deepest level of self and the universe.


Full Reiki Healing Treatment


Rebalance and restore your energy, clearing away any negative energy, anxiety, mental and physical pain.






Reiki Chakra Balance Treatment

Chakras are the energy centres in our bodies that spin and distribute our prana / chi / essential life force. We cleanse each of your 7 chakras with Reiki and crystals, releasing blockage and negativity.

Finally we balance your key chakra centres in relation to their corresponding chakras.




  • 60 minutes – $85