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Organic Waxing In St Kilda


By using only the finest organic hot and strip wax for hair removal, we are able to achieve excellent results. We use only single-use applicators so that there can be absolutely NO double dipping. Cleanliness is paramount in every treatment we practise at Serene Beauty and waxing is no exception to that rule.


Good waxing results depend partly on what you do before, after, and in between your waxing appointments. We recommend that you exfoliate regularly and moisturise a minimum of once a day between treatments. This consistent routine will promote smoother skin and help with the prevention of ingrown hairs.


You can expect waxing to last between 4 – 6 weeks depending on your growth cycle.






full leg – $55

¾ leg – $40

½ leg – $33

brazilian – $50

g-string – $40

bikini – $25

underarm – $25

½ arm – $20

full arm – $30

lip – $12

chin – $12

side burns – $12




back/chest – $45

back & shoulders $55

chest & stomach $55